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Alabama, USA Flow Hivers?

We have just moved near Auburn, Al and we are setting up our flow hive. Excited but want to connect with others in our area. Looking for suppliers and associations also. Thanks

I’m in Birmingham and just ordered my first flowhive. how has your experience been?

I am fairly new as well. I have had my hive for a while but was in moving transition when it arrived. I just finished my bee class and ordered my first set of bees. I am so excited to get started. There was some additional equipment that I am buying since now the flow hive is compatable with standard hives. So I will keep you up to date… My “girls” arrive April 1st. You can email me NoLongerNurse@yahoo.com and I can send you my phone number.

I’m in Atlanta and have a new hive 4 weeks old. Just wondering if you have placed your super or if waiting till next year?

Only add the new box (filled with frames) when all of the following are true:

  1. Every frame has fully drawn comb, or at least 90% drawn comb - no huge gaps, and
  2. Every frame is 80% full of honey, pollen or brood, and
  3. Every frame is completely covered with bees.

I am not sure at this point. I got my package on April 1 and had a hive beetle infestation. So I just got my Nuc today its strong but I will decide this week what I am going to do. My bee club puts 2 deeps on and when they are 80% full they add a flow super. I want to make sure I have at least 60 lbs of honey for the over winter process since this is my first year. If you want to chance it go a head and put on the flow super. Did you wax it? I am going to wax mine. From everything I have been seeing on the flow forum the bees seem to take it faster and easier with the flow frames waxed.
Let me know what you decide to do… Where in Atlanta are you? I used to live in Peachtree City and I am in Atlanta often. Lets get together soon and bee talk.
Regards, ~~Lori Peters ~~

I am still in process of connecting with bee clubs in the area. You confirmed what I was thinking. The hive is about 90 percent at this point. I had started with 5 NUC frames and added 3 foundationless frames. The 3 new frames are about 80% drawn. My son and I were thinking about adding one more hive box, overwintering to see how the hive does and then adding the supers late spring 2018.

Thank you! very good information.

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I purchased a 8 frame nuc and am doing a split today or tomorrow and then doing the same for both. I can make myself stand it one more year with no honey of my own then it will always be a moot point. Well that’s my rationale for waiting…Lori