New Mexico Bee Keepers

I live in Silver City NM. South Western part of the state. This is a remote part of the state so I would like to hear from anyone in eastern AZ or NM. I am looking for local bees to start my flow hive next spring. Also looking for any support or advice that might be particular to high desert bee keeping. I’m totally new to bee keeping and excited/nervous. Please contact me!

Hi Steve: I know there are several people in this forum from the areas you mentioned. It takes time but they will come across your post.

I am in Quemado NM looking for locals and bees also

If I find more out about the area I’ll post it here. I’ve seen people posting on Grant County Goodies facebook page looking for swarms. I’m not at the point where I know how to capture and relocate a swarm yet…

Hello Steve,
I’m in southern NM. Chaparral, between Las Cruces and El Paso, TX…

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Has your hive arrived yet? Any plans for bees? I’m hoping I can capture a swarm in Silver City.

I’m from Clovis, NM and I’m looking for locals too.

Hi I’m Jim from High Rolls,NM anyone in the area too help me maybe get started

Hi Steve, there is a beekeeper in Redrock, NM who sells nuts when he has them. I bought a 5 frame Nuc from him earlier this year and the bees are doing very well. His Facebook page is Redrock Honey Company.