UTAH FLOW keepers

Anyone in Utah? Feel free to join and share!


SLC here. New to Bee keeping. Are you an experienced Keeper?

Live in South Ogden. New to bee keeping. Looking to learn a lot in the next little while.

I am in Spanish Fork and I ordered the Full Flow Hive! This will be my first dive into the wonderful world of bees. I was looking at ordering my first regular hive when I saw this campaign and thought, now this looks like the way to go. I can’t wait. You Utah guys… if you have any guidance you can give a rookie let me know.

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Hello from Ogden! I’m new to beekeeping, and just looking to learn as much as I can for the meantime ( as I can’t make the commitment now/I live in an apartment). But I’ll definitely invest in our future bees when I can!

I am so excited for it to come. Any good material to read.

Where are you keeping yours bro.

Is everyone here in the December delivery time frame?

Yes I am! I am also upgrading to the premium hive and buying 10 more.

I live in North Ogden. I bought my first hive in April, a top bar Langstroth hive. I put it in Cache Valley on a farm where I was raised, and it’s been a real learning experience. I bought the full hive and plan to put it in Cache Valley as well. I just found Varroa mites in my hive, so I’m in the process getting them treated now. Deseret Hive Supply in Ogden puts on classes and host local beekeeper assn. meetings. I suggest you go there and get to know people.

Anyone from St. George? I bought a 6 frame and this will be my first experience in beekeeping. Really want to have a few mentors to insure my success.

I received the wooden parts for my Full Flow kit this week, and just finished up assembly. Does anyone mind if I chatter in here from time to time? I’m in Grand Junction, Colorado and I will be following that group as well… but my climate is more similar to Utah than what people generally think of as ‘Colorado’, and I’m hopeful I might pick up and share a few things that are working in this particular geography.

First time beekeeper in Farmington with two Flowhives! We are really excited to get our bees in April!

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Greetings Grand Junction, I’m in Montrose and hope to make the plunge this spring. The Flow intrigues me, but I may go conventional since there is a local expert who I hope to have as a mentor. I’d be interested in touching base with you and possibly supporting each other as we Beegin. Email is Rockchalk1214@gmail.com

did you get your hive yet? I’m in Springville and mine just showed up and I have no idea where to start. you?

Yeah I have my hive. It is at my parents in provo. Setting it up soon. I am excited!

but no supers yet? will one brood box maintain the supers?

Which bees are people buying in Utah? Italian? Carnelian? And what’s the reason behind your choice?

I would think that Carniolan or Russian would be most desirable in Utah. We go to Park City for 2 weeks each year, so I am familiar with the climate. :wink:


Hi everyone! I put together my flow hive today!!! Have to get bees soon and I’m so excited!!!

Does everyone have their flow hive?