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New to bee keeping set up


Just preparing area for where l will be setting
Up my hive 20180324_170147|690x387


What’s going on with that cage? Is that for the Flow Hive somehow?


Chris! Welcome aboard … looks :eyes: like you have some lavender… Honeybees usually LOVE herbs. The 4’x4’x4’ cage might be for compost ?!

When do you get the Flow-Hive n bees :honeybee:? BTW where do you live ! North, South, East or West ?! Great :+1: pix’s ! Keep up the progress n keep us in touch !

Good luck :four_leaf_clover: n happy Beekeeping,

PS … guess that not lavender … I do see grape :grapes: vines.


The cage will have a lid on it. Then the
Hive will sit on top. Then around the outside
Of the cage l will put some bee friendly plants.
On the ground to the left is an old satelite dish
Now bee waterer. Any suggestions on plants?


South australia will get the bees in sept.


Flow hive on top plants around the outside


Hi Chris, will you be able to stand on the cage (room and weight wise) to get at the brood to do your inspections and frame manipulations? Perhaps a ladder or something? Bees go mad on lavender but also wax flower…philotheca myoporoides.


Yes it is pretty low to the ground photo doesn’t do it justice.


Perennial basil (not the usual Italian kind) is much adored by bees, and flowers almost year round in the right climate.


Yes will put flow hive on top put plants around
Outside of cage.