New to beekeeping and looking for bees Buderim/ Sunshine Coast

Hi there, I have finally convinced our family to buy a hive and we have a new hybrid flow, but no bees. Does anyone know of someone on the Sunshine Coast, QLD, (we are in Buderim) who sells bees? I am happy to travel. Thanks, Helen

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Hi Helen perhaps Jeff @JeffH is close to you and a wealth of knowledge on this forum. Am sure he will respond. Look him up on this forum.

Hi Helen & thank you @Gaz. I’m glad you are happy to travel because you’ll need to travel all the way to Buderim if you want some bees from me :slight_smile: Give me a call any time, it’s 54454602, cheers


Hi Helen.
If you would like queens specifically bred for qualities I found a great mentor and nuc and queen supplier in Graham Beech from NT Bees. He runs beginners workshops too.
All their bees would be local. Not sure if mutt versus bred makes a difference. I myself am too new to beekeeping to see a difference and I only bred one queen myself so far. She seems to do pretty good laying and looks nice and big.

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How far is Buderim from Buderim ? :wink:

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Thanks, Jeff. That sounds terrific, and you’re in Buderim too!! I’ll give you a call.

Hi Helen, good morning. No worries, I’ll look forward to that, cheers.

We also have a section on the forum specifically where people can advertise bees for sale (not sure if you have seen that yet :slight_smile:

OK, thanks. I need to explore the forum a bit more.

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