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New to Flow Forum - Eumundi hinterland, QLD, Australia


Hi, my name is Sharon Ellis. I live in Eumundi Hinterland, QLD.
Just received my Flow box and would like to connect to others on the Sunshine Coast or South East QLD.

Are there any Apiarists in my area? …I need a nucleus (nuc) to start off my hive and some hands on advice.
Thanks in advance.


Welcome aboard ! You’ll love this new hobby ! Sorry I can’t help as I live in the States east of Seattle. I am sure others down there will quickly note you soon.



Hi Sharon,
If you don’t have a club or bee keeping association group in your area you can do as I did.
Search for someone selling honey at a market or advertising in the paper and start your enquiry with them. Most commercial bee keepers sell NUCs as a sideline. You may have to order well in advance but if there is a big honey flow you may only have to give a week or so notice.


PS I would advise not posting your phone number or email. You can be contacted by private message if someone wants you personally or they will just post answers here.


@sharon Nearest Beek to you on here I know of is @JeffH in Buderim near the Gold Coast



Jeff is an Aladdin’s cave of information and a good bloke. Give him a ring


Many thanks ladies:) I’ll PM her, it’s actually the Sunshine Coast I’m on.


Sharon, busso is correct. Never put up your E-mail or info… You can highlight a persons name aftergetting to know them n send them a private message to communicate. Glad others are checking in with you.


Hi Sharon,

I’m at Sunrise and we got our nuc through JeffH and he was really helpful. Looks like you’ll be in good hands. We are only a couple of months in ourselves, so if you want to catch up to exchange learning curve knowledge, let me know.


Yes I’d like to catch up with you. I left Jeff our brood frames so he could start a new hive for us. Will get this back off him in a couple of weeks. Maybe we could catch up for a coffee after that?
I’m at Eumundi…not far from you.


Hi Jeff,

We are brand new to bees and would love to chat and catch up with you at some stage or someone you could recommend on the sunny coast. We live in Beerwah. Please let me know if this would be possible some time.

kind regards


Hi Bruce, no problems mate, you can give us a ring any time to organize a time. I picked up 2 native bee colonies from Beerwah last July, 2 out of one tree that was being cut up for fire wood, lucky for me the people didn’t want to harm the bees. One of the colonies was strong enough to split, so I finished up with 3 colonies out of it. I think I can do another split now. One is that strong.

I look forward to hearing from you, cheers


Awesome. Message me when you are ready.