New to Flow - Hello from North Carolina, USA

Hi. I have kept Bees in the past, but took a couple years break.
Ordered Flow Hive, but got package while paint was still drying on new hive (Post Office was very efficient - Bees came 2 days early).
Installed into old 8-frame traditional hive and plan. Today is day 3 -plan to check queen.
Question: Moving bees would be easier now (smaller hive, no brood, etc), but bees need feeding, so I am using boardman front feeder so I can easily see how much they are eating.
Will the feeder work with Flow or will the sugar water just spill into the hive (since it slopes toward back of hive instead of front of trad hive).?

Hello and welcome!

It should work since you only need the backward tilt when harvesting. Although, if you’re really serious about feeding them, an in-hive or top feeder would probably be more efficient.

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