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Feeders for Flow Hives


I had sent an email asking about when we should expect shipping so as to be able to preorder a package. Bee Packages seem to go fast and “April 2016” is quite inexact. Such a nonspecific date makes ordering a package impossible. Also, I had asked in my emails and phone calls what top feeders will fit best so that I can be prepared.


No Reply To Multiple Phone Calls Or Multiple Emails Over 2 weeks

One option to consider if it will conflict with getting a package on time is to look at a Nucleus hive box. You can get the bees started in there while you wait. They are fairly inexpensive and then you have it on had if you need to do a split or collect a swarm. Just a thought.


Hi Brett,

There has been much conversation here about feeders; Sugar water feeders

And you will find all sorts of information about it out on the net. There is nothing about the Flow hive that dictates any type of feeding method.

As a standard Lang, any feeding method appropriate for any Lang can be up for consideration.

You are not going to find ‘an answer’ because it is a pretty contested topic!


So a miller style top feeder built for any standard 8 frame lang will fit the flow same as any other hive?


Any feeder that will fit an 8-Frame Langstroth hive will also fit a Flow hive. I bought one from Brushy Mountain, and it fits just fine:



The Black Mesh - Does it float with the syrup?


Indeed it does. There is a wood frame that it is stapled to, so it floats quite nicely.


Here is the FAQ about what feeders will work with a Flow Hive - http://www.honeyflow.com/faqs/what-feeders-will-work-with-a-flow-hive/p/188

There is some info and pic’s there.


That’s the best feeder on the market hands down. You can install a mesh on the top and refill the feeder without the bees flying out the top.
They offer it in a nuc size now also. I’ll be stocking up!


Hey Red,

You say they offer a Nuc size too. Thankz ! I thought I was back to the drawing board to make several. Looking at that one … Cheaper material n cost wise to buy them. I don’t need the added challenge even though I know I probably could whip a couple out with some thinking !

Looking into it now.,



Hi Brett

I too await my Flow Hive this month. Just in case you didn’t receive the generic email regarding shipping estimates, here is acopy of the email which I received 2 days ago.

Dear Customer,

As it is now April we are checking in to let you know that your order will ship in the next 10 working days.

We were hoping to have all April orders delivered in the first week of the month, however due to logistics, some of you may not receive your order until mid-April.

If you are concerned about the status of your order, rest assured we have not forgotten you and we are working hard to ensure your order is shipped by 15th April.

Happy Beekeeping!

Cedar, Stuart & The Flow Team


One would start out with a brood hive first and just go about building it up. As that is filled add second brood box, by then your hive will be well on its way either to add super or the flow. My point is the flow frame is a large super so one hive has to have more bees to start building and collecting for the flow to proceed. Nature has control and let the bees work their way up brood box, brood box flow (super), a shallow super if signs of swarms. Inspect, at each level. So get ti going all spring has sprung set up hive and when flow is received you"ll be able to move with it. The cost of a brood box and frames are well worth the cost, just transfer frames over into your new flow hive box if you do not have flow hive yet.



Good write up ! Being a beekeeper we do have to be flexible n have backup plans always. I am trying to keep extra used n new parts n hive boxes n frames a available so I’m not trapped without. Gerald.


Guilty here, too. In fact my husband frequently quips that he thinks I am setting up a beekeeping supply store… :blush:


Dawn, my Hubby was convinced all the bees had their own apartments with all the boxes arriving