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Newbee in Connolly WA

Hi there folks are there any keepers in the northern suburbs of Perth willing to share their experience with me
Thanks in anticipation
Eric 0419954972

I’m sure those more local than me will chime in.

As another resource you may want to consider the Western Australian Aparist Society. They have there main meetings in Perth and have bee groups and buddies in the Northern suburbs. Their training apiary has flow gear too.


Are there any particular questions that you have?


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Hi Eric,

probably worth editing your post and deleting your mobile. This is a public forum so any scammer, bot etc could get your number…

On a different note, I’m NoR not too far from Connolly. Have you got your hive setup or are you looking to get established? It is worth noting that the flowhive doesn’t negate the husbandry aspects of beekeeping (i.e. inspections) it just makes harvesting easier.

The local thread where most people seem to post/check here in WA (at least Perth, surrounds and the South West) can be found here: Perth (WA, AU) Flowhives and honey flow

All the best, and welcome to beekeeping. You’re going to learn as much about seasons, plants, flowering as you will about bees!



Welcome to the forum Eric.

Mate, spend some read time, there are bee keepers from around the world sharing their experiences with you right here on the forum. :wink:


as above… Welcome :wink: