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Wanting to meet up with flow hivers near Wynyard Tasmanis

Hey E,

As you know I am from Heybridge (only 25 minutes from Wynyard) and will start ‘Flowhiving’ next month! Look forward to swapping stories and experiencing the Flow adventure with you. I’m also keen on knowing if there are any other ‘locals’ who are going on the Flow journey! :slight_smile:


Great to hear from you Lyn.Am going to a natural beekeeping course near Kingston on Wed (weather permitting)Will let you know how it went.Hoping to get bees at the end of this month.

That sounds great, Elaine - keep me posted on what your success is! Good luck with getting your bees too…I can’t wait to have our FlowHive buzzing!

Hi Lyn Well the Natural Beekeeping Tasmania mentoring was fabulous. So different to the Sulphur Creek meetings and I came home with a Warre hive which I will try and get this going as well.Ronnie Voigt is a great person, so knowledgeable and doesn’t believe in interfering with the hives.I loved it and will keep in touch with her and try to contact other natural beekeepers up here.Greg L said he will have the nucs ready in 2-3 weeks.Elaine

Hi Elaine,

So good to hear you had a fantastic time with the Natural Beekeeping Course! It’s so good when you are rubbing shoulders with people that gel with you and vice versa! :slight_smile: It would be interesting to see the differences between the Warre hive and normal or FlowHive. All the best with it all and I wish you all the best in bee-ing a bee guardian! :slight_smile:

hello, rinden here in Derby, NE Tassy. my wife and i have one flow hive in use and one more waiting for some more bees to start the second full flow hive. My first harvest last season was 14kg from four flow frames
The frames arrived late February so i only had them in place for the last part of the season and was really impressed as to how easy it was to harvest.
We had no real difficulty in the assembly of my flow hives and we do remove our flow frames for the winter months. Unfortunately I have an acute allergy to bee stings so i am immensely grateful that the flow hive disturbs the bees so little during harvesting so allows me to continue with my new hobby. we do have a mentor for full hive inspections etc however and i also keep the Epi Pens close handy but i wont give up. I just love my new bee hives, but the boss is a little wary lol
Any way its good to know that there are other Flow Hivers in Tassy

Hi Esou,
I live nearyby on Table Cape and am about to get my first flow hive, would be interested to know how you are getting on and your experiences so far

Hi IanVery happy to have contact with a flow hiver up this way. It appears that we may live very close to each other.My nucleus hive seems to be happy. I will have a look later this week. Have put theBrood box on top and will put a second brood box on once they fill that. The flow hive part may not even go on until the end of the year. I just want to build up a very strong hive.I also have a Warre hive and another which I still haven’t put together.My mob 0411183419Elaine


Interested in what Ronnie thinks of the Flow Hive after reading this quote from the natural beekeeping Tasmania page?

My keen interest in eating naturally grown foods and avoiding pesticides and plastics (sometimes referred to as the new asbestos) has now been able to merge into my beekeeping.

Hi there. Yvonne Masters here. I live in the Tamar Valley nth of Beaconsfield and eagerly waiting for my hives to increase so I can put the flow hive on. I prefer the idea of leaving them food for winter rather than taking all their stores. It’s nice to share. :smiley:

Hi Esou. How did your experience with the flow hive go?

Nice to hear from you Yvonne.
I have recently put a second brood box on top of mine to build up a very
strong hive. I don’t believe in feeding them sugar water so will leave
their stores for their winter feeding. Probably won’t put the flow box on
top until next year.


Hi Everyone,

I am right at the beginning of learning about beekeeping and FlowHive etc. and would love any knowledge you could pass on.

I live in Devonport and we are due to move to a property that has just under 2 acres of land, so I am hoping that we may be able to place a hive within the next year or so.
My younger daughter has Aspergers and has been asking if she might get a hive for several years now, and my thoughts are that FlowHive looks like a good way to go. She turns 10 in December, so it would be brilliant if I could do something for her birthday (even if its just buying the hive kit).

I do know that there is more to having bees than just obtaining some and sticking them in a box, so if there is someone who would be willing to act as a mentor from the get-go, that would be brilliant. I don’t want to rush into things, so if someone is able to provide a bit of information from the very basics of setting up, through to some husbandry, through to possibly getting some hands on training…(I presume there are clubs/education things in the state, but I literally have no idea where to start).

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Katrina,
Not sure about Devonport, but there is a group that meets in Launceston. This would be the best place to start. Give them a call. There may also be someone on this forum up your area.
Northern Branch Tasmanian Beekeepers’Association Inc.
Meetings every third Monday at the Lutheran Church Hall, Upper Frankland Street, Launceston; starts at 7pm with an informal information/discussion from 7.30.
Contact: Vivienne Strong Mobile 0413 406 950

Hi Katrina.
The best place to learn bee keeping is from Natural Bee Keeping Tasmania. It is run by Ronnie Voigt in Kingston.

Worth a visit. She is marvellous

Elaine Soutar

Hi everyone! Are any of you still going with your Flow Hives here on the NW Coast? I’m a newbie here in Sheffield.

I did the training with Ronnie, lovely lady and knows her stuff :slight_smile:

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Hi Annette,
I have just purchased a Flow Hive and am completely new to beekeeping. We are located quite close to Stanley and Smithton. I’m hoping to learn from some more experienced locals in the NW.
Cheers, Tamara.

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Hi Tamara! I’m also a newbie. My first FH arrived Friday. I’ve just recently joined the North West Beekeepers Club. I haven’t been to a meeting yet but they seem great. We’ve not long moved from Forest! We’re now in Sheffield. Nice to meet you (sort of) :blush:

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