2nd Inspection of two week NUCS(s) install

Season is in full go here in Middle TN. I got the NUCS and per sellers advice are feeding them sugar water.

Two weeks later they are still eating it. When is the time to take it away and encourage foraging?

Two of the three NUCS had filled out at least 7 frames so I added another box.

Thank you.

Frankly, adding the other box may slow them down. I would only add the other box after all eight frames. If you’re using an eight frame set up are fully drawn out and you’re finding eggs almost everywhere.

Not to worry though that will keep going. Typically from my understanding that if there finding plenty of nectar on their own, they will leave your sugar water alone. I use an external feeder attach to the hive, called a Boardman feeder. So I’m using quart jars. I’ve seen the girls consume a full-court drawer in four hours. If the quart jar is on there and it takes several days to empty it. I would start weaning them off of it altogether.

Hey Bill - Marty noted that you might have added that box too soon and I would agree. He’s correct about needing to see more than 7 frames fully drawn, and I’d also say that there should be honey and pollen stored, brood in all stages, and BEES covering most of those frames too, before adding another box.


Thank you. I am using 8 frame equipment.

Bill Baskin

Don’t remove anything at this stage it’s all learning. You’re doing good. At least you’re going into your hive and checking it out.

Wait a couple of weeks and when you go in next time. Be prepared to potentially stagger your frames. Meaning, the frames that have drawn out comb, put a blank frame in between.

I would suggest that will be 2 frames or so with more capped brood on them already. I would leave those adjacent to each other in the bottom box toward the middle. They will be easier for the girls to keep a cluster and keep them warm. And give the Queen another area to lay eggs, as soon as they’re hatched. Otherwise would stagger the frames.

I’m looking to be corrected. Others are reading this, especially Eva , which I trust impeccably.

I am just very pleased and surprised on what I have learned over my past 3.5/4 years of doing this, it sounds like I might know what I am attempting to do. :slight_smile:

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