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"North East USA" Ladies & Gentlemen, "Start Your Engines"


It’s really too early for the Maples to blossom here in the Northeast but they did. Sorry for the blurry pic, my daughter had this 2ft long zoom lens on her Cannon trying to see the top of this really tall Maple tree plus the wind was blowing.


Wow, that is early!!


My bees have been bringing in white pollen for about a week now. I better get my swarm traps up.


It’s going to be in the 70’s later in the week so it’s really going to get going. I’m hoping we don’t repeat last year’s deep freeze after everything blossomed :frowning:


Concerned for the fruit trees. If things blossom too fast, they can still get frozen off.

I’ll have to go look for some maple trees.

I checked hives today and they are starting to raise some brood.

Update: south cental PA is not blooming yet. Trees have buds on though. I see clover starting to grow. White and orange pollen coming into hives.

Really concerned for March. Even a normal March would not be good for blossoms late.


Last year I lost all of my pear blossoms.


Hi Ed,

Spring is tickling our honeybee in the Pacific N.W. n Puget Sound. Before the 1st of Febuary I knew things were popping here too.

. This sensor read-out graph shows the brood temps rising rapidly here since mid January. My hives are consuming more honey n winter pattie supplies too. I’ve watch the hive’s weight dropping at a faster rate for about a month now. I’ve seen orientation flights already … Not just the purging flights.

For couple weeks now on milder days (above 45 dgs F) I’ve watch my girls returning with whitish pods of hazelnut pollens as my bees ramp up internal activity n brood production. It’s still way too chilly for more than popping the lid n getting a quick downward peek as I check my food supplies. .

I’ve also completed my first mite check by placing a white sheet of paper in entrance for 24 hours n pulling it the next day. I’ve only seen 2 mites on one sheet 1/31/17 n again only one mite on another sheet 2/18/17 same hive. I’ve check n these mites are all dead ones. I’m guessing as the bees clean out there honeycombs as couple mites were tossed out with the cleaning process.

Our first nectar local plant should be in bloom within the next 4 to 7 days depending on the local weather n temps. Indian Plum (Osoberry)…

I keep detailed records of daily, weekly, monthly n yearly data n logs. Each of my five hives has a log. I keep floral/plant blooming records on larger calender to help give me info when each flower started blooming locally n in approx what sequence too. I know that’s a lot n much more than most can door will do but it is helping me understand n approximately predict colony population gains to meet a flow need.

. Love my Hive monitor system. I’m a small part of a local bee research group that is recorded via 3G network to a local college. They are collecting data to help find best ways n equipment to locally winter over our Puget Sound honeybees n mite control as well.

Have a great new 2017 beekeeping season,



Clover and grass are turning green. We are a good month or more early but I wonder how early the honey flow could start this year. Could be a great honey year or could be a bust if the trees bloom and then freeze.

Could be interesting. :grimacing:


Yes, definitely different this year. I replied to your post on Winter Deadouts - hoping you did manage to avert that! - wondering about how this Frankenweather will affect early pollen access…


Here in Falls Church VA:

Cherry blossoms in bloom.
Maples in bloom.
Various bulbs in bloom.
Forsythias and Quinces in bloom.
Kiwi’s and Blueberries about to bloom.

Sadly, no bees from my hive to pollinate or collect. I seem to have lost them somewhere between mid-January (when on a 60 degree day I saw them active), and early this week when I opened up the hive on a 75 degree day only to see lots of honey and no bees (a couple dozen dead on the bottom screen and a dozen or so starved brood).

My bee supplier says we are one of many hives in the area that have seen the same symptoms and called it CCD…



So sorry to hear that JZ. Same happened to many others in the forum & elsewhere, including me. Hope you can at least enjoy that honey & muster up the spirit to try again this season.


Just curious. What was your mite control strategy?


I have a service contract with a local company who does ~monthly inspection of the hive. In the fall we did a mite chemical treatment in the hive. Not sure what product was used (maybe Formic Acid?) which was administered for a specific amount of time and then removed.


@berrmich has a good question, not only for future hive management but regarding my comment about taking the honey left in the hive at this point. Please check, but I believe that your chemical treatment may preclude you from consuming any of that honey :mask:


Yes, I’m not going to consume the honey… going to save it for future bees.



Every year is a pot shoot ! We are about a week to 10 days behind our 2017 season. Seeing our first pollens burst on hazelnut n alder. Few bulbs are temping (crocus) my bees these days … Our very first both pollen/nectar combo should pop for us hopefully near the end of the week ahead. Indian Plum is on my flower calendar for being next in line per my years of native plant n other records. My bees seem to be gearing up especially my 5 frame double deep Wintered over Nuc ! Driving from a job yesterday the bunch of all pussy willows I’d been watching are totally yellow with pollen even with colder period this week n several days of snow. Crossing my finger !
Cheers to the NE !


How about everyone else in the Northeast? How’s the bees, blooms, and weather?


Looks like my 2 hives will make it through the rest of the winter, (knock on wood.) Still have plenty of reserves and the bees are taking advantage of every warm day to get out!

Bait hives are built as well as a 10 frame Lang. Ready for 2017!


Maples, crocuses & even some daffodils are in full bloom everywhere I go in Bucks & Montgomery counties here in PA. Weather is fluctuating like crazy - yesterday it was 72F & rainy, today it’s 45F & sunny with gusty wind. Supposed to be back up to the mid 60s in a couple days then down again to the 40s.


Supposed to get down in the teens here in Southern NJ by Saturday night. Looks like I’ll be carting warm water out to the goats for a couple of days :frowning: