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Start your engines...Seattle

After a February of highs in the 50s, lows in the 20s, icy rain, snow, high winds, and very little sun (5 days :frowning:) all mixed together,it’s finally March.

It was sunny and 50 F, so I took a peek in my winter hive


The bees were going strong, still had honey, and were NOT happy that I opened the hive.

Go Girls! :honeybee::ok_hand:t4::star_struck:


Such a warm day … :snowflake: What have they got to complain about… hehe! Glad to see your bees made it through the winter.


Got sunny and warm here yesterday (Palermo, Sicily) 20 degrees Celsius :slight_smile:

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Good to see your bees doing well today in the city. Sure a temp difference from in town Seattle to us between Renton n Issaquah. We finally got some later sunshine after series of down pours out here. Our low to NOAA was 34 dgs this morning n our High was only 43 dgs. We had snow on Sqwak n Tiger Mtn down to 1000’ … we are at 540’ east of Renton.

We did have a lot of bees out two days ago and yesterday when we were up at 50 dgs like you folks in the city. It’s amazing the diff … so many micro-climates around Puget Sound …

I’m hoping for a couple days again into the low to mid 50’s mid-week into the weekend… if so I might dig in n pull a frame to check brood.

Cheer n good luck,



Hi Gerald,
It was nice while it lasted… we’re back to below freezing this morning, but at least it’s sunny☀️

We were eating arugula from our salad garden all winter, and though the three days of below freezing took its toll, it was flowering again yesterday, with bees visiting it and the rosemary. :purple_heart::honeybee:

Morning Tracey,

Good to see your morning note … yes ! Woke up n had to thaw my truck windshield to run an erran at 07:00 :clock7: just as the sunrose !

At least a primise of low 50’s mid day to early afternoon. Lots of frost on the hives when I went out to open my chicken coop n feed my four livestock :smiley:.

We dropped 30.1 dgs again with frosty hives, rooftops or lawns. I should see some light ivory colored pollen from local Osoberry/Indian Plum.


only a few early crocus n mini-Daff’s …

Have a great weekend,


Great photos, Jerry. Nice to see your smiling face. :blush: