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"North East USA" Ladies & Gentlemen, "Start Your Engines"


In our case this year, it rained almost everyday during the best flows. Seems if it rains even a little the bees stay home for the day. So big populations and little forage time. If they aren’t foraging, they are eating.

Honey is coming in, about 3 pounds per day the last few days. Going to need a little rain to keep it going.


Harvesting just got more challenging :roll_eyes: I made a deal with the doctor: He said, “try and stay off of it as much as possible for the next 4-6 weeks:” I said, " how about I don’t climb ladders and walk on rooftops instead?" :slight_smile:


Aw, so sorry Ed!! How long do you get to wear that handsome boot?


Along with tendonitis, he believes it’s a stress fracture of the 5th meta-something or other based on him squeezing it lightly and me almost kicking him in the head but x-rays on Monday and maybe MRI.
He said it’s usually 4-6 weeks but some folks heal fast and if I’m a good boy he’ll check it in 2 weeks to see where it is in the healing process.

I need another boot to match so I can walk normal!


Ay ay…yup a matching one - and both fitted with wheels!


Good laying queen. I wishes I would have had her this Spring.


That is a thing of beauty!


I had a stress fracture of my 2nd metatarsal a couple of years ago. Going up and down stairs was exquisitely painful! My doc was unsympathetic though, and didn’t do any x-rays or splinting.

Turns out my vitamin D level was very low, so that probably wasn’t helping my bone strength. Might be worth you taking some extra vitamin D3, even if your doctor doesn’t want to measure your levels. It could help it to heal faster.


What has Vitamin D-3 or is it a supplement?
At night I would take some Ibuprofen and wrap it in ice and by morning I was a new man; but then by early afternoon I was hurting again. Four weeks of that and I finally asked my doc for a podiatrist recommendation. The timing coincides with me changing work boot brands so it has me wondering.


Well, I knew the bees weren’t going to bring me their honey so I suited up best I could and made 7 nucleus colonies and harvested another couple hundred pounds from 2 hives. I peeked into a cut comb hive but was too tired and my foot was aching so I quit for today without harvesting that one. I got some pics though:

Even though it was against her wishes, my wife helped me suit up with “the boot”.

Some frames out of the “comb honey” hive :slight_smile:

Those aren’t weeds, they’re future flowers! lol


It is a supplement. Vitamin D1 is in some foods and is converted to D2 by your kidneys. This is then made into D3 by your skin in sunlight which is why mine is low - I never go out into the sun, and when I do, I have to wear SPF-60 sunscreen. I like the stuff from Costco, free shipping even if you order online:


I noticed in the US they added D3 to milk…
What about mushrooms left in the sun for a bit? Is D3 then in the mushroom? I think tablet producers “manufacture” the D3 from fungus?


I get so much sunlight that by the end of summer my wife’s friends ask her, “who is that Jamaican fella you’ve been hanging around with?”


If I could get strong but not swarming hives I’ld be a happy gal!


I like your cute honeycomb frames.


Just noticed that the neighbor just planted 74 acres of sunflowers as a second crop after cutting the wheat. It is about half a mile away on the other side of a woods. I am thinking this could save my season

Correction, 1/4 mile away. Have to fly over woods though.

Anyone have experience getting honey from sunflowers?



That’s terrific! Please post some pictures when they blossom.


I just got a drone so I will be taking lots of photos. Maybe I will try a video that simulates a bees flight :wink:


The USDA lists them as an excellent source of nectar for bees. :blush: Here is some more information:


I harvested 1 hive today before my foot and back said enough already: I’m sure this boot the doc is making me wear is throwing off everything else; Got a good harvest nonetheless @ 108 lbs.