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North Texas Flow Hivers


Greetings North Texas Flow Hivers. Perhaps a dedicated space like this one can help us connect.


I’m getting a lot of bearding on the entry to my new Flow Hive2 and I’m concerned the hive is getting too warm for the brood. Has anyone experimented with removing the small trim piece that covers the flow release valves (located at the top and rear of the Flow Super) as a way to increase ventilation in the hive? Thx.


I haven’t tried that, but this blog came out today:



Thanks Dawn! This was very informative. I have thus far let the beard be. My concern is the bees are getting too hot. Im thinking of creating some shade.


Great idea, plus provide a water source if there isn’t one nearby. :wink:


Hi there @mbrashear - my old forum pal @Martydallas might not be too far from you. Haven’t seen him here in awhile but maybe he’ll reply to the bump!


If your weather is hot then a modified Warre quilt to suit your hive would help. I run them all the time and my hives hardly beard even in summer.



You always find helpful links. :grinning::+1:


Shade over the hive with some shade cloth and a supply of water with some sticks and stones in it for the bees to land on while they take a drink is a good first step.


Eva, I am here and still at it. Girls are doing great. Sorry have not been on the forum as much at all. How can I help. I dont know how much help I can be right now. Leaving on a two week motorcycle trip to the Northwest tomorrow, Saturday. But if I can help let me know even upon my return in two weeks more than happy to I’ll try to read back through the forums and see what the question is


This looks pretty normal, mine beard all the time. Sometimes more than others times. It does get quite warm here they’re not trying to swarm or anything.


I have placed a little shim at the lid. To help with some ventilation don’t know if this helps or not but I still get bearding. With it 100° outside and full sun on the box I’m sure it gets quite warm. The girls over time have adapted to warm climates such as this so I’m sure it’s nothing new for them. Mine do beard from time to time even when it’s not this hot. I was panicking the first couple of times he did it as well, you’re just being a good parent being concerned :slight_smile:


Where in North Texas are you? I’m in far North Dallas, Frankfurt and the Tollway


Im in Trophy Club (where 114 and 170 split heading west). Near Southlake, south of Grapevine Lake.


@Martydallas - I just got a glimpse of your flowhive and feeder in your profile picture. I like that feeder a LOT. What is that feeder and where do I get one?


Are you talking about the wooden one? If soI think I got it from Dadant. I do need to go back soon. They Have a store in Paris Texas in not a bad drive.



Look at this, i had only been getting dark honey for the 2 years before. but my 2nd harvest this year I got this, not sure what is different!!! and it is out of the same have and it was not mixed between frames hmmmm. I will send it of for testing as I have done with all most every harvest.

also I did this harvest last weekend and it look like when I return from my motorcycle trip in 2 weeks I will need to harvest again.


Wonderful to see your posts again, @Martydallas. Hope you have a great trip. :heart_eyes:


It should be great, if everyone stays off there phones and drive :slight_smile:


Hey Marty!! Great to see you posting again. That is some lovely honey - glad your beekeeping is going so well.

Have a fantastic & safe trip and hope to hear about it when you’re back!:rainbow::hugs::+1: