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Now thats bearding!


If this were a contest, I’d be a contender!


hot or do they just need more room?


Both. Mostly hot though. Pulling the flow frames this weekend and adding 2 medium supers and a feeder.


My girls did the exact same thing in May. I had to collect them out of my raspberry bushes the next day when they swarmed. :open_mouth:

I was glad that I had been reading the forum and that I was prepaired. Shook them into a nuc, let the stragglers join their sisters in the nuc and started a new hive the next day.

Everyone’s comments, Bobbee’s wonderful videos and the pictures you all post have helped a lot.


I think that the bees have seen your beard, Bobby, and now they are trying to compete! :smiling_imp:


I’d left the bottom board cover in place from when I’d harvested on Saturday. I took it out just after snapping this…and got stung.

Twice. LOL


What a lovely beard you have :wink:


This photo was taken at 7.30 pm temperature is about 26 degrees, looking at your photos, this seems to be bearding, do you think?


Rookies! lol


OMG :open_mouth: BEARD