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Now this is cool


Sit back, relax, and watch this little guy work his way into the world. Take the 5 minutes.
Heck, smoke a bowl or pour a glass of wine while you’re at it.
@Cowgirl - you’re gonna love this one.

I recommend going full-screen too.


Excruciating. Bobby, I can’t believe you just sat there and filmed the whole thing, and never even tried to help the poor little dude out!:cry:

Actually, I felt such triumph for that guy when he snapped his wings out for the first time after watching how hard he worked :airplane:


I just looked at your other video (What Do I Do Now) from February @Bobby_Thanepohn. Curious what advice you got, if any, and how it’s going now? I was a little surprised to see you had a QX on over the winter - thought that was a no-no.


Brilliant short video! And I agree the little fella and to work hard to get out of there and it was so relieving when it did!!