Hive Inspection @ Woods Friendly Garden

Here is video of me inspecting our hive.


Looking good, Dylan! Wow, I’m impressed with how nice and straight your bees are building in those foundationless frames. You have a slow and steady way of working and I bet you don’t even need the spritz bottle! The only time I saw the bees get a little bothered was when you blew on them, which I too have been known to do, in my eagerness to see what was under a crowd of them…but our CO2 makes them defensive, just FYI. Oh, and maybe it’s just me in my superannuated state :older_woman:t2:, but my back would be toast after leaning over from the side position you were in. I’d suggest trying your next inspection from the back of the hive so your center of gravity is closer to where your arms have to reach.

Love your logo :clap::clap:


@Eva it’s greatly appreciated and thanks for the great compliments and info you have provided. Your info has been noted and will be applied on next inspection. I decided to use sugar water instead of smoke to calm our girls. :heart::honeybee:

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Looking good buddy :+1:. Are you feeding your bees?

Also if you get the time watch some videos online of how to use your hive tool to help separating your frames. Your not doing it wrong but there is an easier way using the opposite end to gently squeeze between two frames to open them up then use the hook end to lift up the frames.

Eve has a great point about working from behind rather than the side.

Gotta love foundation less frames and seeing the exquisite formation of 100% natural comb :heart:.

Your handling has really slowed down :+1::ok_hand:.


@HappyHibee I’m feeding our girls heavy sugar water so that hey can draw comb.

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