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Nuc bee hive packages for sale $130, Flagstaff Hill, South Australia


Nuc bee hive packages for sale $130

Need bees for your hives?
Get your bees here before they are all gone!

Each langstroth Nuc includes:

  • 1 corflute Nuc box,
  • 5 wood frames with new wax foundation,
  • A healthy hive of bees (inc. laying Queen, workers, drones, brood & eggs) covering at least 80% of the frames.

Free delivery and installation in your hive if within 10km of Flagstaff Hill, or you can pick up from Flagstaff Hill.

Ask about discount for swapping frames, wax or hive boxes that you have (full depth langstroth compatible parts only).

Only 8 left, don’t miss out!

Call Mick from Hilltop Hives and Honey SA on 0419909285 or email mick@HilltopHives.com