Nucs in foundationless frames

Hi. I’m looking for nucs in foundationless frames to start my first flow hive, in my local area. Do they exist or are they all usually sold with foundation? TIA for any advice. John.

Hello and welcome to the Flow forum! :blush:

I don’t know about your area, but the vast majority of nucs are sold on frames with wired foundation. It shouldn’t really matter, if you are buying from a reputable vendor :wink:

I’m sure that a supplier would be able to provide a nuc with foundationless frames, if that’s what you wanted. All you can do is ask the question & see what happens.

I know I would, if someone asked me. Don’t ask, I’m in SE Qld., unless you’re up this way, by chance.

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Thanks for getting back to me and for the advice, Jeff.
It just so happens I’m in Lismore, Northern NSW. Almost neighbours :joy:

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Hi John, you’re welcome. Yes practically neighbors.

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Neighbours definitely, considering the size of your continent! Only 300km apart, you are virtually on each others’ doorsteps!


By the way @COlOur76, 300km is not too far to transport bees, with the right equipment. @JeffH has very nice bees for sale, according to several other members of this forum, and he can probably give you what you want. He can certainly give you what you need! :wink:

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Thanks @Dawn_SD, I’ll keep that in mind.

Hello @COlOur76 and there was me thinking I was all alone, I’m near The Channon about 25k from Lismore. I started with a standard nuc on foundation & wired and then added in my foundation less flow frames. This was great because it helped the bees draw straight comb.
Are you new to bee keeping or just new to the Flow hive ?

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Hello @Saraj. It’s nice to hear from someone in my area. Yes I’m an absolute beginner. I’ve arranged to take receipt of my first nuc after the upcoming long weekend. I’m so excited! Do you have a long history of beekeeping? It must be looking so nice out The Channon way.

Yes @COlOur76 its looking mighty nice at the moment out here.
I spent a year studying and checking out the hobby before getting a nuc from a commercial beekeeper. That was in October 21, four months later and the
week before the big flood, in February 22, they caught me by surprise and swarmed :face_with_peeking_eye:. But I was lucky enough to catch them.
I did think about joining a local beek club, but as soon as I mentioned the Flow Hive, sadly I got a negative response. So I’ve kept calm and carried on regardless :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.
I love my flow hives and the bees, I also now have a couple of Langstroths (just to see what all the fuss is about) but I like the look of the Flow Hive best, it’s attractive, I like the roof, which I think is also functional (you can remove the plug in the inner cover and use it as a “pressure release valve” and even feed the bees inside the hive, should the season require it). The levelling up is simple if you have the adjustable base. I would not swap it for TWO langstroths.
This forum and the very kind & intelligent members have also been invaluable. There isn’t a question that can’t be answered and as you get more access, it gives you a bigger library of info to call upon.
I’m still learning myself, but if you need anything just shout up.
TTFN, Saraj

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