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Plastic frame Nuc

So I will be getting my 1st Nuc next Friday. Because we have such a short season here in Northern Mi, I decided to go with a nuc that came with an established frames. Problem is they are plastic. There are only 5 frames. Can I add in the foundationless frames? And how to I start to trade out the plastic

I’m in Canada near the Detroit border. Welcome tot he group. There is nothing wrong with the plastic frames, and you can just put in foundationless frames with them no problems. I use both in my apiary and it all works out just fine.


Thank you! If I wanted to slowly move the plastic to foundationless? How do I do that?

Once the other foundationless frames are build out, pull one frame and replace with foundationless and continue until all replaced. It may take a few months to get through all of them depending on how things are going in your beeyard and what is in bloom.

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Periodically move the plastic frames to the outer edges as that’s where the bees normally store thier honey reserves and not brood then swap out.

You don’t want to swap out frames with brood just to get the plastic ones out.

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