OA Vaporizer for Flow Entrance?

Is there a commercially available OA vaporizer in NA that has a tray that fits into the rather short/narrow Flow brood box’s entrance?

Thank you.

The Varrox fits - its vaporizing tray is 3/8" deep and the hive entrance is around 1/2" deep.

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Thanks Dawn.
That seems awfully close.
When I was measuring the entrance a couple months ago for excluder fabrication purposes, it seemed to be right at 3/8".

Will taking the bottom board out allow for the same thoroughness of fumigation, or does that kill the air flow the bees create?

Not quite sure what you are asking here. Take off the whole SBB? Or just the plastic sheet?

I have a Varrox vaporizer, and it definitely “eyeballs” as if it will fit in the front entrance. However, that is not the way I want to use it.

I haven’t done the measurements yet, but my intent is to take out the core flute/coroplast plastic board and replace it with a thin plywood sheet, placed in the lower slot. I don’t want the plastic to melt! I will then block up the entrance and put the vaporizer in through the back of the hive SBB, closing up the back gap with damp toweling cloths. I will try to find time to do a dry run in the next couple of weeks and let you know, but I am not going to treat for a month or so yet.

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Sorry I wasn’t clear. I’m speculating about just taking the plastic board out.

I lieu of the vaporizer trash not fitting into the entrance of the Flow, I like your approach. Is the use of towels overkill/safetymargin or necessary in your opinion?

I’d love to hear the debrief of your approach to the task after you’ve completed it.

Thank you.

No problem. I wouldn’t do that personally, but I think @Valli does vaporize below an open SBB.

It is in the manufacturer’s use instructions for the Varrox device. You can’t be sure of the vapor concentration in the hive unless the leaks are sealed. That is why I am cutting a plywood sheet for the lower slot of the SBB.

Wilco. I love to share! :blush:

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Yes I do that way all the fumes go up into the hive. But that is just me - I don’t have a fancy gadget I use a blow torch and my own divice

I don’t have a fancy gadget I use a blow torch and my own divice

Valli, I love Macgyvering things :nerd_face:…do tell!

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3/4" Copper Radiator end cap, Length of wire, wrap the wire around the cap in double Strand and loop through and over the Hive tool to secure it.

Fill cap with Oxalic Acid (Apibloxal). Light Blow torch, take out Correx broad from SBB.

Hold Copper cap under the SBB and place blow torch against copper cap.

Oxalic acid is the correct measurement in the Copper cap - heating with the blow torch until all OA is evaporated about 2 mins.

Job done.

Blow torch and cylinder form hardware store, and Copper Rad cap, Wire and Hive tool I had
Total Cost: £27.69
£22 Blow Torch http://www.diy.com/departments/at2071h-gosystem-blow-torch/30062_BQ.prd
£1.07 2 copper End Feed Stop End (Dia)15 mm
£4.66 Rothenberger 175G Butane/Propane Mixed Gas Cylinder

Very nice, thank you Valli!! You’re a :peach:

Stuff from my hardware store is probably comparable but I will check oxalic acid strength carefully first. Planning to treat in late summer/early fall here & want to give your home-cooking method a try :wink:

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You can get Savogran Wood Bleach in Home Depot, Lowes or most paint suppliers. It is 95-100% pure Oxalic Acid Dihydrate, which is exactly the stuff you need. Just measure it carefully, wearing disposable gloves and a decent mask if you have excitable airways (asthma etc). :blush:

I recently purchased one of these vaporizers for the Varroa Mite treatment and can thoroughly recommend It. It’s very portable and doesn’t require the need for heavy and unnecessary equipment to be carried or transported to and from your beehives when vaporizing Oxalic Acid.
I thought I’d share with this thread and the forum, and as the guy demonstrating this product states in his YouTube review, I am also not affiliated to Gas-Vap or Bridge Cottage Bees either and have no connection with BeekeepersHour.


This is a review of the Gas-Vap, which is used for treating beehives against varroa mites, and a few safety points.
This video is not an instructional video of how to treat mites, or how best to use the product for your situation.
Skip ahead to 4.25 if you’re familiar with the required PPE and go straight to the Gas-Vap and torch use.
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