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Screened bottom boards 😒

Hi all. Just came in from oxalic acid vape of my two hives. I’ve made a habit of putting the wand in at the back, removing the coreflute being easier than dealing with the disturbance of removing the entrance reducer & putting in in at the front.

I’ve dealt with the difficulty of pulling out the coreflute on the one hive that likes to propolize the bejesus out of it, but today’s experience has sealed my SBB’s fate. I’m switching to solid bottom boards asap because when I pulled out the other one and started brushing the usual debris off, out showered thousands of ants and ant eggs :nauseated_face:

It’s worth noting that this was a SBB from local beekeeping equipment suppliers, not my Flow kit SBB. The main difference is that on the local one, the coreflute was cut with the channels running side to side, instead of front to back like the Flow’s. It seems that having lots of lovely tunnels with openings lined up accessibly in a protected space has created a perfect ant farm :frowning:

Just thought I’d pass it on…


Ant moats can help, but solid bottom boards are great too. Sorry for the issues you had. :disappointed_relieved:

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Welcome to the smart side lol

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