Sealing bottom tray for Oxalic Acid Treatment

What do you all do to seal the yellow bottom tray area when you do an oxalic acid treatment so the vapor stays inside the hive?

I just put the vent piece closed, the OA flow around pretty rapidly and precipitates quickly so not that much gets out the bottom.

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Ok, that sounds easy enough. Do you use the InstantVap? And if so, did you drill a hole in the back of the hive to place the applicator tip in (not sure what to call it) that releases the vapor? I saw a Youtube video where a guy did that with his Flow hive, but now I can’t find the video. I wanted to see where in the back he placed that hole.

I don’t know the brand of vaporizer but I did drill a 1/4” hole in the back. The hole got kind of enlarged (enough for the bees to get through and put propolis in there so I ended up putting a brass threaded bushing in there that I block with a screw and remove when I am going to treat. That’s all a lot of work since it works just as well treating through the entrance.

But when I treat from the back I don’t need to gown up, just put my goggles and face mask on and go.

Yes, that’s what I saw on the video! The guy drilled a quarter inch hole in the back for the barrel tip then put ‘something’ in the hole to block it and keep the bees from filling it with propolis. I wondered about ‘gowning up’ to keep it off of my clothes. I have a full-face mask/filters just for this.

Thanks for sharing your personal experience…as always, I appreciate your help! I’ll figure it out and do the same! FYI, the InstantVap is by Lorobbees. Awesome vaporizing tool…just attach a drill battery and go.