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Observation Window warping


Just wondering if anybody else has experienced a warp in their observation window? I noticed that the bee space between the middle of the window and the first frame looked a little small. The window is bulging inwards leaving a 2-3 millimetre gap at the bottom of the window which the bees have filled up with propolis.

I pushed the propolis out, wondering if the bees had caused the bulge by overfilling the gap but that didn’t fix the problem. I am planning to pull the super off and take the window out, clean it off and re-seat the window on the weekend given the day time temps are warm enough.

I had a problem with small hive beetles pushing their way down into the gap between the window and the box when I first set the hive up and am considering using silicon to seal any remaining gaps when I re-seat the window.


No here.
The only thing I can think of which would cause the window to bulge would be for the wood to absorb water and swell.
Maybe photos would help.

Edit: Your hive cedar or pine?


Hi Wilfred - it is pine so was thinking along the same lines. I took a quick photo with the phone this morning which shows the gap - I will see if I can load it.


Apologies for the photo quality - this is looking down between the edge of the frame and the perspex.


mine is similar. Mine was a tight fit because I hot wax dipped the hive which caused the wood to shrink a few mm’s against the grain. The bees have propolised the gaps- and I’m not too worried- it’s extra ventilation…


That window has small screws to hold it in place. Perhaps check if the screws are still gripping into the wood when you investigate over the weekend.


The perspex window should be held in place by 4 small screws that fit into corresponding slots in the perspex. I wonder if when the screws were tightened if they didn’t distort the perspex. The screws should be only tightened enough to hold the perspex in place, I can’t think of another reason for that to happen.
Regards Paul.


I think it also happens if the wood shrinks due to moisture and temperature changes. My perspex is the same. In future I might consider adding another two screws- as four do not seem to be quite enough to hold the perspex down evenly. On my own hives with windows I used 6 screws- and I also used perspex that was 1mm thicker.