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Faulty observation window cut-out


Mistakes happen!

The rebated observation panel cut out has been put on the wrong side.

Reversing the side panel and putting the side strips on the other side would be a solution but then the lifting cut out would be on the inside, not so important on the brood box I suppose. Any other ideas would be welcome.


Yah ! Should look like this not that. Some bodies eyes weren’t open during that part of the mllling process. Just dry assembled entire set up that came in yesterday n only window rebate will need a dab of sanding for the plex to fix perfect. Went thru the rest n all fits. I am guessing your n mine totally different batches n mill runs.

Contact Flow n they’ll send a quick replacement I’m sure. They’ve been good n fast with me on one little issue. That’s out of the way n moved on. I’ll assemble mine one Monday n Tung oil maybe the same day. Bees should be busying in it before the end of the week. This is my waiting double double deep Nuc I caught as a swarm mid May.


At least the Flow-Frame super is not needed for either of us yet or for me I doubt this year. Weren’t about 1/2 to 3/4’s thru our last major nectar flow already. We just get a number of smaller flows of different weeds n plants here in western Washington until Autumn.

Good luck n keep on Beeking,



Isn’t there an inset on the other side that the window can seat into? It looks like you have the plastic window on the side that the wood panel is supposed to fit in. I can see the predrilled hole on the right side of the window, that is where the rectangular piece goes that will hold the wood panel/door flush.

Good luck, let us all know how you remedy the problem.


On the other side is a cut-out to accept the removable wood panel, exactly the right size but too small to receive the plastic window. As I said, I could reverse the panel, swap over the side strips and fit a lifting handle but I hope FlowHive will send a replacement.


It’s a mistake. You need to contact the faults department at Flow, give them the photos and they will send you a replacement. Bummer.