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OK Need some Help identifying


Just watching my bees thought I saw a Bumble bee on the landing board but I think it was a wasp or hornet.

Sorry no pics is was too fast once I realised and tried to swipe it.

Imagine a big bumble bee - not hairy, red tail and wings spread wide, about 1 1/2" (2cm) Long and 2"(2.5cm) Wide.

I was like the cross of a bumble bee but bigger all over, fat rounder body and shiny, but not fuzzy like a hornet smooth?

Like this picture but normal eyes, and red tail


ooops Dangerous read post again !!!


And the wings were more 90° to the body not 45° as in the picture

Any Ideas??


This? It’s a Nomad Bee.


Much bigger rounder and smooth not fuzzy like a bee.


In Australia, we have around 17 hundred species of native bee & around 12 thousand species of native wasp. I wonder how many species of either there would be in the U.K.


Hi guysss :slight_smile:
Sorry for interrupting you @Valli
Last night I bought a hive from well-known beekeeping association in my country, the beekeeper said this is apis mellifera, from Australia . .
So today is my first day as Beekeeper :blush:
But, I don’t know what kind of apis mellifera, are they Italian, Carniolan, or Caucasian honey bee?
Please help me to identify what kind of honey bee is this . .

This is the hive
Don’t worry, it only a nuc, I put them in box . .

Thank you guys :smile:


Unless Pure Bred most bees are mongrels:

Apis mellifera mellifera

Apis mellifera carnica

Unless Pure Bred most bees a Mongrels:

Apis mellifera ligustica - Italian Bee

African Bee



I’m going to bet on an Italian/Italian cross. The brighter orange towards the thorax and the broader black bands closer to the end of the abdomen closely resemble pictures of A. mellifera ligustica. Caucasians tend to be more greyish then orange and eurpean dark bees are much darker all the way up. And Carnolian are more evenly banded all the way down. But @Valli is right most bees are not pure bred anymore.


The closest I can come to identifying is Queen early bumblebee (Bombus pratorum)
But she was shiny like a hornet or wasp


Hmnn . .
If they were cross bred, how about the characteristic?


So, it’s Italian/ Italian cross honey bee, glad to hear that :slight_smile:
Is that safe if I put Carnolian or Caucasian hive near Italian hive?


@Valli, this looks like a fly, there is only 1 set of wings and the wings are unhinged at rest, bees wings at rest run downwards with the body and overlap (unless they are sick). Also the antennae are short and stubby like a fly, bees antennae are utilitarian and are longer, a fly imitating a bee. Hope this helps.


Hi Michang, they look like mine, mongrels:):), good luck with it Michang. You will have no problems putting them side by side. If your bees are anything like mine, just keep well covered & keep your smoker lit:):slight_smile:


Hi JeffH !
Well covered & smoker, thank you for the information Jeff :smile:
good luck to you too!


@Rodderick that was not the picture but my closest image to it I could find