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Strange species?


Hi Folks, can anyone tell me what kind of bee this is, if indeed it is a bee? It was quite large - a bit larger than a Carniolan drone and it had a stinger or a tail that it was extending and retracting from the end of the abdomen at times.


Its a fly disguised as a bee.,


Seriously? :joy::heart:


I’ve seen these in my garden too! They’re faster & can hover and always zoom away before I can get a shot. I’m in southeastern PA in the US - whereabouts are you?


Oh, I forgot to mention my location! I’m in Melbourne, Australia. This could very well be an introduced species from anywhere in the world. European honey bees after all aren’t native to Australia either.


I think Rodderick is actually correct. I quickly did a bit of research on the topic ‘what is the difference between a fly and a bee?’. Bees have 2 sets of wings, this insect has only one. Also bees hold their wings onto their body when they still whereas flies have them spread out. Also bees have larger antenna than flies whereas flies have the larger eyes more towards the front of the head. So yes I think this is a type of fly, not a bee at all! It’s a pretty good impersonation though! :joy:


I did a google too and it looks like a horse fly maybe?
Apparently there are around 30000 species of flies here in Oz!


Yes- the legs look like fly legs- sort of splayed- and I can’t see the little hooks bees have. And that ‘stinger’ you saw was maybe the fly laying eggs/maggots? Aliens style?

I guess it’s a good idea: look like a bee and convince others you can sting like a bee.


A simple way to tell
Bees have four wings, flies two
Flies have large eyes.
It’s a hoverfly