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Old Wooden Frames For Sale Deep & Medium Needs Repairs


I have photos but need to down load them, but not even sure I can load them on here anyway as there isn’t a photo button at top. What I have for sale is over a dozen medium frames and about a dozen deep frames to be sold for 50 cents each. All of them have a need of repair. In each case it would be one board or maybe two needing to be replaced. For the handyman/woman type that wanted a winter project for cheap this would be good especially if you wanted to try your hand at making your own frames or comb frames. They have been wintered for a few years now and I’ve culled out the ones I’m keeping and the ones to get rid of. I hate throwing things away but thats what will happen unless someone wants them. They do have some wax and old comb as well on some of them too.

Sorry about getting the cars. They were on their way to a car show.


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Did you ever sell these frames and where are you located?



Yes I do have them. They have wintered one more year in storage. I’m located in Lusk, Wyoming.