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Looking to buy 6 or 7 frame equipment....USA

Im needing to increase the number of my hives. I only have 1 right now and need at least 3 more.

So if anyone is selling a new or a gently used 6 or 7 frame setup Im interested.


Im in the 87551 area. Plz advise soonest. Thx. Happy keeping to all.


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I have bought a 6 frame flow hive and now see our province is highly regulated to the point should I continue.
Thanks Doug


Sorry for the delay in response. If you still have your set up can you please tell me about it.

Thank you.


Hello Jeff: I have two full original Flow Hive set-ups. I am in Vermont, USA and went the route of traditional Langstroth frames instead. Looking to sell. If you are interested, please advise before I post elsewhere. Thanks, Dan.


I am interested. So to clarify you have the flow frames that sit in the hive box, correct?

I have the entire hive kit. I’m new to this forum, but if you have an email or phone, I can send you the pics of the two (4) boxes… lets me know.


Being new to the forum, I can only post ONE image, therefore you don’t see the second photo showing the other two boxes aside from the frames alone. Being new, I don’t want to post or do something incorrect to the rules, so I’m not sure if a cell number or other email address for you to contact is allowed. If yes, let me know. Below is an image of the “frames.” Two sets of six.


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Now you should be able to post more

Thank you for whatever you did.

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Just replied to you and gave you a like (heart). Now you are accepted as not a bot or a troll :blush:

text me at 9704226898