Oops! I accidentally added my bees to brood box with honey super already in place

Queen is in combless brood box; most of the bees are hanging out in the honey super. Shall I shake the bees out of the honey super, remove it, and hope they migrate back to the brood box and their queen?

Are there frames in the brood box?

This was a package of bees that you purchased?

You should remove the super and shake the bees that are on those frames into the brood box then lean the super (and frames) against the front of the entrance and let the straggler bees will walk in to join their queen and the rest of the bees. This shouldn’t take them long. The next morning the super should be empty and you can put it in storage.

You will need to feed your new package of bees so they can get to working on building comb.


Sounds very sensible- thanks! And yes, this was a package bought locally (SF Bay Area)


Do you have frames in the broodbox?