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Our heart is with you Australian friends!

Our TV in Italy keeps showing up dates on your bush fire out of control all over Australia… We are so sorry to hear about that.
Our :heart: is with you and on all the people what lost everything and died !..
Poor animals too… burning alive .images-5
:black_heart: :black_heart:


Thanks for your thoughts Helene. We will all be pleased when this fire season is over.

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We just saw on Italian TV news that the Australian Police arrested 180/183 people that where responsible for starting fires in different areas around Australia…!! :rage: :rage:
40 of this persons where minors !! Is Incredible !
We hope they will heavily pay for this in prison and going to do heavy work to clean up bushes for the next 20 yrs !

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Justice doesn’t happen with minors in our courts in Australia Helene. The magistrate will probably ask nicely that they don’t do it again. Two of the 3 bush fires that threatened my apiary were lit by the same two teenage idiots. Three months later and not even formally charged. If it ever get to court they will have a legal team paid for by the tax payers. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :woozy_face: