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Overcast day - p*ssed off bees!

So the past three days have been full of occasional rain/thunderstorms, today being no exception.

There were some things, however, that needed to be done to the hive in addition to a brief inspection following the addition of a new brood box last week. Specifically, new food, new beetle traps…

It had rained an hour prior to opening up the top box.

I’m not sure what caused it, but the girls were p*ssed! I couldn’t do anything that disturbed the frames without getting several bees lunging at me and stinging my suit (they did manage to sting me once on my hand). Smoke only pissed them off even more.

We got the new feed bucket on, but could only do cursory inspection of the new frames (checkerboarded with older, populated ones) in the top box. After just a week, they’re all over the foundation frames with wax drawn over an unknown percentage.

Don’t know what got into the girls, but I hope its not permanent!


The bees are very defensive during rain & stormy periods. If you must work on the bees during that period, puff some smoke in front of the entrance a couple of minutes before opening the lid. Then puff smoke under the lid as you are removing it. Then keep the smoker handy.