Oxalic Acid Not Vaporizing

The well in the crucible is ovoid and the OA appears to have vaporized off the floor of the well so there is a gap between the bottom of the well and the bottom of the remaining OA. Not sure why it didn’t sublimate off the sides… Maybe I need to give it more time, I only gave it 2.5min.

I would still suggest that you do a complete vaporization under direct supervision. That is the only way to know what is happening when you run it again out of sight. Do it outside of course, and make sure you stand upwind though - that stuff is pretty nasty for your eyes, airways and nose. :blush:

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I will give that a try with my full face respirator on! Although I did find a used 120v pro-vap style vaporizer for sale from my local group…

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Did a dry run. Took about 5 min to completely sublimate - like you estimated.

It had just started vaporizing about the 2 min mark.



My wands directions say to sublimate the oxcilic acid for 6 minutes. There is always some glop like in your wand left over as well. Some of it bubbles up and spills off of the wand or back into the wand. I conducted an outside of the hive test to see how long it takes for the OA to do it’s business. I also tested it with a new batch of OA that I purchased. Then I had to start cleaning the wand with a steel wool to get the crud off for better sublimation. The bottom line is that there’s product left over some place after treatment. I even got a newer high tech model and still there is some “stuff” left in the wake of treatment. I guess the point is did it kill the mites. :smiley:


Yay, I just love success stories :smiley:

The Varrox instructions tell you to dunk the wand in a container of water between vaporizations. I use an old metal jug or a ceramic pot. If you do this while it is still hot, a lot of the junk comes off quite nicely. I have never had to use muscle to clean our Varrox, so perhaps that is why. Just a thought!

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HMMM! Interesting! I let the iron cool but never dunked it because I was hooked up to a battery. Let the experiments begin! :smiley: The results may be shocking! But seriously I will unhook the unit prior to wetting.

Haven’t you already unhooked it to stop the heating before you pull it out of the hive?

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NO I leave it hooked so it maintains the heat for sublimation.

Doesn’t it start sublimating when you put the next dose in before you have it positioned?

He powers off at 8:59.

yes it does but I leave it hooked up to electricity while it’s in the hive for proper sublimation. Each manufacturer has different instructions. Mine is one of the original tools so it has different instructions. I just keep going from hive to hive since it takes 6 minutes for mine to work.

When I was using one, I disconnected and dunked the wand between vapes. Helped keep stray fumes down in my yard and probably eliminated most residue. I still don’t know why the OA recrystallized all in one 5-6” diameter area on the bottom screen in fall of 2019. I’m pretty sure the fact that this treatment never reached the majority of this colony is why they didn’t survive. I found the circle of crystals when dismantling last spring.

I used OA sponges last year and will do again - way simpler and highly effective :+1:

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What does your wand do? Each wand is going to run differently. Have you tested yours?