Oxalic Acid Vaporization treatment under screen board rather than in entrance?

Wondering if I can treat my bees by putting the vaporizer under the screen board rather than putting it into the entrance?
I am in a colder climate and think I will just wait for a reasonable day in December (we get them on occasion) take off the insulation I have placed under my hive (below the screen board) plug in the vaporizer) let the gas rise into the hive and then close it back up again?
It will be my first time doing an oxalic acid treatment.
Does anyone see a problem with this?
Thanks for your help.

Yes you can. I do this all the time. Which type of Flow hive do you have (Classic or FH2)?

I make a doubled sheet of roofing flashing (aluminum) to slide into the slider slot. The vaporizer iron sits on top of this, and I can then plug up the back of the hive with linen tea towels or old pillowcases. I wait about 6 minutes for vaporizing, then another 10 minutes for cool-down during which time I clean off the slider. When the cool-down is over, I put the slider back in for 24 hours, then count mites after exactly 24 hours. If the count is over 25, I repeat the vaporization 5 days later.


Thank you so much! That is the detail I was looking for!
I have the classic hive.

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Mine is a Classic also. You can buy 18" wide flashing on a roll, and use tin snips (or old scissors) to cut it to the right width before folding it in half. Very simple once you have the dimensions. I didn’t write them down, I just marked the flashing with a Sharpie using the core flute slider as a pattern. :wink:

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