Oxalic acid vaporizer

Will the standard vaporizer fit into the entrance of the flow hive?

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@Dawn_SD and I just had a little chat about this very topic…

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Thank you I just did a treatment. Just held it close to the bottom board. I’ll try the flashing.
We did treat with mineral oil vapor. Just not sold on if it really works

Not a recognized treatment. If you would like the view of the professionals, here are all the treatments that have been properly assessed:


If you are willing to use Oxalic Acid (Savogran Wood Bleach from Home Depot is about $8 and is absolutely perfect), then I suggest you do it now. We treated a couple of days ago, and this is a photo of the accelerated mite drop. Basically a nightmare!

Here is a close-up:


We will keep treating every 5 days, until we see less than 25 mites on the slider.

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Thanks Dawn, I used the suggestions here and built a metal bottom try to use with oxalic vaporizer treatment. Timing was pretty good. The state bee inspector happen to come by and inspect our 2 hives.

He suggested we start right away. He suggested 5 treatments every four days. So in the morning we will be hitting it for the 4th treatment. Our trays are looking much better.

We also started sugar water again. They are sucking it up. He also suggested some pollen supplements until fall. We are switching from patties to powder tomorrow to avoid the hive beetles.

Our nucs came in March so we got a late start I think,

Inspector said we are in the right track just need to get them through winter.

Good luck and thanks


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