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Painting/Protecting the bee hives


And @Dawn_SD is so supposed to be the naughty one.


Yes, well clearly there’s stiff competition for that title when you’re in the house, @busso :smile::trophy:


eco wood do not divulge in any way what EXACTLY their product contains.
Nada. Zilch. Zero. Nothing vaguely related to what you might be subjecting yr bees to.
the website is glossy fluff… with no reference to anything definitive what so ever
seems like clever clandestine covert and completely unsubstantiated marketing to me
Another con!
I take my hat off to them, I have never seen such a vacuous site, absolutely NO ACTUAL INFORMATION OF ANY SORT! NUTHIN!


sorry we cannot find the page you are looking for


If you want to know what is in a product search for the “Safety Sheets”

In regard to eco wood Koppers advise firstly its a copper treatment and specify Tanalith E. And adds using patented copper and azole co-biocide preservative technology, TANALISED® ECOWOOD incorporates Tanalith® E, one of the most successful new wood preservatives introduced throughout the world in recent times. Coppers say its safe for bees and other things.
safety sheet for Tanalith E 800 says a whole lot of things so you need to read all.
Would I say it is safe for bee hives… Yes. Would I use it …No


thanks busso…
I appreciate the information