Painting roof and landing board

Final touches on the FlowHive 2+, two simple questions.

  1. Do I paint the underside of the roof, just the underside that is exposed, or just the top?
  2. Folks mention painting the landing board. Why? I am using Odie’s Oil, good enough?
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I paint anything that is going to be on the outside of the hive. That includes the exposed bits of the roof (but not the inside part) and the outside part of the bottom board, including the landing area. If you don’t it will degrade a lot faster from weathering. I am not familiar with Odie’s Oil, but if you use the magnifying glass search tool, you can check whether anyone else has thoughts about it. :wink:


Thanks! I did search re landing no avail, but shall be painting it. It’s a lovely shade of yellow I have, afterall!

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