Partial Uncapped Nectar - Packing Down for Winter

Hi folks - I have packed down my FH2+ to one box but I have two frames left over with partially uncapped honey in them. I shook the frames over the hive (bees got nectar on them!!!) but some nectar is still in the frames. What should I do with those two frames? What happens to the beautiful capped honey in them?

I just wrapped and put them into the freezer, but not sure this is the right thing to do. I am so confused! Will the bees be OK with those droplets of syrup on them? HELP

I think you have done all the right things.
Those frames could come in quite handy for the girls later on if they are running short on stores you can pop them back in the hive.
As for the nectar shower… they will lick each other clean with no harm done.
We’ll done!


I agree that you’ve done the right thing. The bees will lap up the droplets of syrup. A little shower like that is fine, you just don’t want a flood of syrup/honey onto the bees, it can get overwhelming, resulting in a beard out the front, or even worse, a hive beetle slime-out in extreme cases. That’s if they are in the area.

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Thank you! They were so shocked at everything going on they didn’t have time to get cranky with me!

Thanks Jeff. I had to wipe down the outside of the hive as the nectar went everywhere. I might water the ground around the hive tomorrow to keep wasps away.