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Uncapped honey/Nectar in Flow Hive frames + winter?


My Bees took a really long time to adapt to the new bare plastic frames. After applying melted wax to them the bees slowly got interested. We’ve had so much rain here in North Carolina that honey storage has been slow. Now we’re in a dearth and having a rainy summer. The girls have it rough. I’ve been feeding syrup and hoping for a good fall flow. They’ve started packing the cells with nectar as of 3 weeks ago but it’s slow going. If they don’t convert the nectar to honey and cap it by winter, I was thinking of wrapping and freezing the frames…any thoughts on this?


Good idea, should work fine, and frozen honey doesn’t crystallize, counterintuitively. :blush: If you have the freezer space, go for it! :smile:


If there is a dearth on (and there has been for several weeks in our region), rain has been an issue, and you’re feeding sugar syrup with the just-as-of-late-accepted Flow Frames in place, you may not have nectar in your Flow Frames to worry about at all @maymarkoff .


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Is my guess.
What is the stores situation in the brood box?
That’s where they need it for the winter. I would as Dexter says feed it back to them. We are supposed to take surplus
Next year will be a better year…it always is for beekeepers :wink: