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Perth (WA, AU) Flowhives and honey flow


I know. But slugs don’t. Read my post.


Didn’t mean to sound grumpy with that last response, was just trying to get it done before I had to drive.

Yes, roaches can fly. It’s the slug in the roof I’m scratching my head about. I watch the slugs eat dead bees around the hive but given the hive sits in a water trap I’m not sure how one ended up in the roof, and I can’t identify anything it could have crawled up.


G’day Alan,
Did not detect any grumpyness, L.O.L. Maybe at my age, becoming immune ???

Yeah, it is a bit of a puzzle how the slug got on the roof. It couldn’t have gotten across the water trap ??? My traps are just under a 1/4" gap, I suspect slugs could negotiate that if they wanted to. Never gave slugs any thought when putting together the traps.




Glad you didn’t perceive any grumpiness :slight_smile:

Well, unless this slug was dropped by a bird (or wasp? I’ve seen wasps carry caterpillars…) the only way it could have gotten in is over the water trap. I’m guessing at some point with the winds etc I had sufficient temporary leaf litter one night that permitted the slug to crawl across the water trap. That’s my theory, flying slugs just don’t quite cut it!


Slugs can survive in water no problem. If they are attracted to something and a water trap is in the way they can crawl in and out.
Beer or alcohol of some sort is used in “in ground” slug traps because the slugs loose the ability to crawl. Unlike a lot of humans affected by alcohol gaining the ability to crawl. :wink::wink:


They can survive in water??? :sob: :sob: :sob:

I use beer traps in the veg garden, so that I knew. I thought beer was used because the yeast attracted them, not because it really inhibited them (drunk) per se.

Brand new Beekeeper - Collie, WA Western Australia

Hello, I am a young entrepreneur/beekeeper and I was wondering if I could have some help and advice from the more experienced folk. I live in the tweed region and at the moment have 2 great hives working all year round. I also have a youtube channel called Tom’s Honey Farm (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRwiV-gLifnBbGuWeJZ2M-A - go check it out if you have time) and have a small business selling my honey. I would just like some advice and maybe promotion from you guys, of how to get my name out there and get more people interested and buying my local honey etc.
Thanks, Tom :slight_smile:


Tom, this thread you just posted to is for WA. No one in WA will be able to buy your honey and ship it from NSW to WA due to import restrictions. (Okay, commercially you can process things to facilitate the shipping, but for the average home consumer that’s waaaay too hard. Also, given you have two hives I don’t think you’re looking for a commercial buyer)

I think you might find Tasmania to be in the same boat, but you’d need to verify.

Have you considered attending local markets or advertising on Gumtree?

Goodluck with your business, but WA is the wrong market for you.


Could it have got onto the hive lid if you had it off for an inspection and taken up lodgings? Just a thought.


Hmmmm. Hadn’t thought of that. I think it’s unlikely though. That would mean it lived for two months inside the lid (time between inspections).

I like your thinking though.


I actually thought as Peter. Lid on ground, slug followed moisture sense to inside lid and hid in crevice. Slug didn’t have to find way up, you lifted it up with roof.


Feeling a bit like spring the morning in Perth. Bees are coming and going like its Friday night on the freeway. Lining up to get into the hive. Woo hoo. :sunflower::sunny:

Until Tuesday​:zap::umbrella::confused:


We’re expecting some of that wet stuff over here on Tuesday. Woo Hoo :slight_smile:


Once again couldn’t get to the meeting in Perth.
:tired_face:. So I have a question. Is it to early to do a split. ? Hive at the Vines Perth.

Hive has full brood: 8 frames have 6 mixed brood Ie some solid, some emerging patterns and eggsand last two are nectar, capped honey and drone. Three full flow frames. Want to go a split for a friend who wants to start a hive in southern suburb of Perth. Bees seem to be very active despite cooler weather. Hoping to split Tues. Weather Max 17°. Lows still low.


Hi @BecW, I don’t think it is too early. Take a look inside your brood box. What is the laying pattern like? What are the stores like?

I’d hazard anywhere between now and e-Sept is a good time.

Are you wanting to do a split because you want another colony? Or are you doing a split for swarm control?


Two weeks ago I opened my hive after winter and all was well. Today, same deal. This time I found 3 play Queen cups that weren’t there before. I cycled two frames from the brood into the hybrid super and backfilled the two empty spots with a wax foundation frame. I cycle frames to help with swarm control rather than doing a split.

The two frames I took out of the hybrid I’ve currently got in the freezer. I’ll either put them back in during the season or possibly use them as cut comb.


Okay @BecW… So I should have scrolled further on my phone. You’re doing a split for a friend.

It should be okay. I assume you’re getting ample flowering to supply nectar and pollen. If you’re concerned, wait another two weeks.


Nice warm day yesterday. Split done and happy in new home. Both sets of bees are happy Thanks for help.

Update on horizontal gap on the other hive. We moved it into the sun. Drying out, gap is getting small. Thanks everyone.

Cheers bec


@becw great to hear!


Plenty going on here with the warmer days, just did another split yesterday so the colony tally goes to 7.
Last split, my first, has gone well also and will be looking for a bigger home soon.
7 is too many for me to manage so some have to go. Anyone interested in more bees?


If you put them on GumTree I recon you will have no trouble selling them. It is free to advertise on the site.
Cheers mate.