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Perth (WA, AU) Flowhives and honey flow

I’ve had more the last 3 weeks than at most other points this season but still less than past seasons (for various reasons). I’ve put it down to the weather recently

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Bees clean, wax and polish (washboard) more than most people realize.

Inside the hive, there are constant cleanup crews operating

Hi Team,

Has anyone else seen their bees eating grape leaves?

I was wondering what was eating the leaves on my grapes when I noticed these little chlorophyll thieves in action.

Hiya Terry, I’d imagine the bees aren’t actually eating the leaves, possibly collecting sap for propolis, me thinks grasshoppers are more likely.
@Perth-Oz-Samos-Gr came up for a looksy yesterday and I was reminded of how much there was to learn when I began the bee keeping game as I blundered my way through explaining the ins and outs of beekeeping.:nerd_face: Next time I will have a better theory plan… The practical plan worked a treat, we drained a Fframe and did an inspection of a nuc smokeless. I really like the nucs, although quite weak it’s easy to see all the characters and happenings within a hive except for drones.
It was nice to show someone with a keen interest around my little piece of paradise, thanks Marie.
Once Marie had left I cracked one of the beers she graciously brought and drained the other 2 Fframes and can now start to fulfil some supply commitments.
I have found that it’s best to move the honey quickly as it will be crystallised by June and although I like it, many don’t.
Nice to get a harvest anyway, dark honey, 17%w/c and although not weighed yet I’m sure they beat my previous frame record which seems to increase each year as the cells must be drawn out further each fill.


Thanks so much Greg,
It was invaluable sharing your expertise. I wasn’t going to mention it on here as I was concerned you’d be inundated with newbees wanting to come and annoy you! It was so good to watch and do part of the harvest. The honey so lovely, dark and thick. Not to mention some great tips and potential pitfalls to avoid. I can’t believe we were inspecting a nuk looking for eggs, pollen, nectar…all without a smoker! It was great.
I’m really enjoying reading the posts on here and will certainly share my success :-):slightly_frowning_face: when I set up a hive in Samos


Hi all
Have flow hive 2 and am finding a lot of wax moth larva in bottom tray , was wondering if bottom tray encourages the moths as have not found any in actual brood box , even found the moths themselves camped there . This is not just in one hive and I am in Perth .

Hiya @Charles, I have had the same issues with my screened bottom board. I have replaced the sbb with a standard base and am in the process of modifying the Flow base into a solid bottom as I now need to tilt the hive manually to extract.
Where abouts are you?

Hi Skeggly
I am in Scarborough . I fill the bottom tray with DE earth which seems to kill them . looked at a mans hive in Kalamunda a couple of weeks ago and he had standard Langstroth hive . Seven frames out of a ten frame brood box had being destroyed by wax moth (was a complete mess). His bees had actually left the hive (vacated) .

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Hi @SnowflakeHoney I too am new. I was given bees on the 24th March - so I’m a month behind you.
My hive is in a sunny spot out of the wind, facing north and they seem to be just great. Have had some questions about dead bees etc but that has all been answered satisfactorily by the WA Apiarists Society meeting - which was really informative and last weekend I did the Responsible beekeeping course at the Dept of Primary Industry, Bentley. Well worth doing.
My bees were crowded in the box they had come from and were put into my box with rubber bands to hold the wax in place. The first thing I noticed when they arrived was the lacky bands being ejected from the hive. I thought they were collecting them but then discovered how they got there.
Anyway - decided to put the Super on and they moved in the same day. I was very impressed. Have left them alone lately but I am itching to have a look next weekend.

Hi @springa good to hear things are going well. Just for clarification, I’ve been using the flowhive for about 3.5 years now…

Looks great Phil, face the entrance North and you east side is protected. Your water source is close and usable. I’d ad some rock or rounded stones too. My hive sits about 30 cms from my shed, facing south with a water feature behind it by about 1.5 metres. I have alsonite on the west side for wind protection. On bricks with a pallet on top and they seem happy. I have a low barrier about a metre away to keep the dogs away. All good so far - 3 weeks in.

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@SnowflakeHoney - sorry lol. Are you in Scarborough?

@Charles - Hi, I am in Wembley Downs, just joined WAAS and have completed the responsible beekeeping course at DPI. Have you been or are you a bee buddy? Or could I borrow your expertise one day for a look at my hive?

Sorry Charles missed your post. Perhaps put your coastal location into your profile to help those around you.:+1:
I’ve had moth problems here too, maybe something in the water. :flushed: I’m so glad it’s really the only pest we have to worry about here in Perth.
If your friend up this way needs more bees let me know.

And welcome to the forum @springa, sounds like you’ve done your rescearch, nice one, sounds like your colony is going great too. Maybe narrow your location in your profile too. :wink:

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Hi Springa
Yes I would be very happy to have a look at your hive for you . As For expertise you can borrow that any time .do you have the old model or new model flow hive 2

No issues @springa. I’m not in Scarborough… I’m a bit further north

Hi Again
Just a couple of things about your flow hive
When brood box is about 80% full put QE (Queen excluder) on and flow frames.
I seriously recommend that at this time you coat flow frames with wax as this helps encourage bees to fill with honey etc . Also if you ever use plastic frames in brood box to cover them in wax as well before hand
If you have flow hive 2 ,fill bottom tray with DE earth as helps stop the wax moth .
Welcome to the forum where you will quite often get a lot of different answers to a Question ,which are all very helpful

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The origin in all 2015 model.

That has the cor flute slider.

When you finish extracting the honey from the frames
Place frames with drawn comb in the freezer for 12 hrs or longer, kills the spores and eggs that will eventually hatch into the little blighters