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Placement of new FlowHive

Sorry, a really basic question. Could someone please give me advice as to the best material to have on the ground for my FlowHive to rest on as well as to work around the hive. Currently there is just soil so I’m thinking either pea shingle, wood chippings or wooden decking. Area can get quite soggy so i was thinking of building a 5m2 decking area for a bench and the Hive to rest on. Guidance greatly appreciated.

I’m a fan of gravel because I’m in a fire zone and is safer when I use the smoker. It will suppress weeds.

Pavers is also a good idea as they will absorb heat and radiate it back to the hive, which is a good thing to have in cold climates.

Wood chips is the environmentally friendliest option and is also a great choice. You have to add more every now and then.


Hello and welcome to the Flow forum!

I don’t think your question is basic at all, it is very sensible! As you are in the UK, I think the decking would be the best choice. When we kept hives in the UK, we always had them on paving stones. You don’t want the legs to rot or sink into soft mud, tilting the hive. Decking would be just as good as paving, but we didn’t have the skills to build it. :wink:


Thanks for responding Dawn, really appreciate your reply.

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I would personally try to avoid putting a hive over a soggy area as the first option. Having a hive on damp ground is not a good idea in my opinion, and a deck may not be a good enough barrier.

If you do not have an alternative location, can you raise the area so it won’t be boggy?

Everywhere in the UK gets soggy sometimes. Usually in winter and spring. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Just the nature of the climate.

I don’t think that @ComptonGold was implying that it actually turns boggy, but it is quite normal to have 2 inches of soft mud on top the ground in most parts of the UK during the winter. Paving stones or decking allow the water to run off and the ground under the hives should not get quite so soft. At least that is how it worked for us. :blush:

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I’m in Staffordshire. I extended my patio end of last summer.



I wish I had that problem Dawn. I have a long list of things I’d like to grow but I can’t in this parched earth I have here.

Water is so scarce, and yet have people around me growing lawn, out of all things, just to be like the English… but in the desert.

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Unfortunately the whole of the UK is quite soggy at the moment :cloud_with_rain:

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Thanks @Dawn_SD. Correct, its not a typically boggy area, but it is not a grassed area currently, so I have a blank canvas to a degree.

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Thanks for the response and photo @HappyHibee. Looks great.

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Thanks @Wandjina. Great point about the smoker. Appreciate your reply.