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Bricks under flow hive or not

Hello, I am hoping to setup my hive in the next few days. And unsure about whether or not to put the the flow hive on a slab or bricks or just straight onto lawn.
I have the flow hive 2 so it comes with the legs.

Hi there. Two things. Although it has been a relatively mild winter so far this is not the right time to set up a hive.

Best to place hive on a slab or bricks as directly on lawn it will dig in with the weight.

Good luck!


Hi @eweyfam and welcome! If you have the chance to then definitely make a paved area for your hive. You’ll thank yourself later when it’s time to mow the grass, deal with pests and do inspections.


Thanks for the help. appreciate it, as I’m new to this.

Bricks. And set them at a height that’s nice for your back to do inspections…


Agreed, off the ground, not too high, not too low. :wink:
Keep in mind an ant barrier may be required in the future.

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I have my hives sitting on stands so that they are at a better height when working on the hives, I have found about 20cm off the ground works for me. About two besser blocks high and and a couple of pieces of hardwood timber on top to use as bearers works well. Using bricks makes a great home for ant nests close to a laided on food supply(your honey) if ants are in your area. A concrete paver slab can work but there will be some bending over involved. I wouldn’t consider putting a hive directly on the ground.
Cheers Tracey

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definitely on something as the hive will start to tilt and sink into the ground. Also as other say it is better for you back to have a base around just below knee height. And I think being raised a bit is better if you get frosts like we have been having here in Adelaide this month… Also don’t make the classic mistake of having a hive up against a wall- it’s much better to be able to stand at the rear during inspections. You don’t want to have to stand in the bees flight path.

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