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Please help identify

Is someone able to help me understand what this is and means in a hive? It looks like an uncapped pupa.

Is the pupa alive? Is it bald brood?

I come across it every now and then and sometimes in perfectly strong colonies and in small clusters.

The location is North NSW, Australia (subtropical climate).

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Thanks for posting this Bianca - I am following :slight_smile: This is actually from my new hive and while I thought to ask Bianca about it I hadn’t got to thinking about posting it on here.

Intrigued & eager to hear peoples’ insights.

Possible. On some occasions with damaged legs and wings. In hot climates, the thorax or head can be eaten out. Occasionally abdomen could be wrapped in a web and the fully formed bee cannot leave the cell.

Wax moth may work through the bottom of cells pushing bee larva out. Bees build raised collars around such cells.


How to check:

Take the frame, shake bees off it. Hold the frame over a sheet of paper or fabric. Hit top frame a few times strongly with hive tool or something else. See if panicked wax moth larvae fall down from the frame or go down on web strings.


Wow. All that is new to me. Thanks for the post and yet another intriguing (but sad) bit of knowledge :+1: …and another reason to detest wax moths :expressionless:

Hi @Eva,

Thank you. I am glad you found this information helpful :grinning:

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