Pocket hive tool

Being a new beekeeper, still trying to get my hands around (and all the unintended) understanding the different tools I need as well as just wanting to have gadgets. I’ve got now, 5 different hive tools. This one, the pocket hive tool has proven the best for me so far in pulling out the flow frames. Due to the tightness of the box and the flow frames it’s difficult for me to move the frames around in order to get a standard hive tool in to help lift it up so I can get my fingers around it. This one is absolutely amazing, that-inspection after work yesterday and I was very very pleased, the little long piece of metal was really handy


That looks really useful

I have one of those. It’s only shortcoming is the length (it’s literally a shortcoming…). The hook is well designed and proportioned. I prefer the Italian hive tool myself, but it’s not as handy to carry around, but it is handier to use on the hives:

For a pocket tool, I don’t go anywhere without my custom Leatherman:

With parts from five different Leatherman tools, one swiss army knife and two custom blades. If you use just the blade and twist to pry (do not pull up or down or you will break the blade) it works most of the time and the pliers nose works for prying between the ends of top bars to pull out a frame:

A regular “Wave” or a “Surge” would work as well for a pocket hive tool, but would lack some of the other features. I’ve often used a regular pocket knife the same way (twist, don’t pry) and then close it and use the handle to pull up a frame.

But of all the pocket hive tools on the market I think you got the best . I have some that are smaller and lighter, but not as functional.

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I also carry a leather man. I have for years n years n will for many more to come. Not too big n not to small. I have the “juice” … Not perfect but functionible ! Thankz for sharing … Gerald

I have lost count of the number of hive tools I have - must be at least 7 by now. I have 4 of the pocket hive tools, in case I lose one. In fact I sprayed them with some leftover paint to make them visible in the grass:



Is that Damascus steel? very nice.

Do you have a link of where these can be purchased? Thanks.


here is where I got mine

also vary handing with the flow frame, the frames fit vary tight in the box. unlike the standard boxes you can move the frame around to pick up the frames. cant do that with the flow frames, with this tool you can lift out the flow frame a lot eazer


I bought this one, because I was buying other things from Mann Lake:

Very happy with it.

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Yes, Damascus high carbon. The other blade is an S35VN. I hate 440C stainless…

Okay, I guess I need an education[quote=“Michael_Bush, post:10, topic:7600”]
The other blade is an S35VN. I hate 440C stainless.

What are the differences? In the photo of the hive tools that were painted, one appeared to be stainless steel/shiny the other appeared to be black this is what were talking about?

Additionally why do you dislike the 440C

Really a different discussion, but let’s talk about steel. 440C stainless chips and does not hold an edge as a knife. As a hive tool it would be somewhat brittle. A hive tool is probably best made of some kind of spring steel so it can’t bend or break but spring back. Cheap hive tools bend. A knife is best made of high carbon steel so it won’t chip and will hold an edge.

My hive tools are the painted ones, and they are all stainless steel = shiny silver. The black appearance is just a trick of the light (and a reflection of my sense of humor!)… :smiling_imp:

This is a real cool looking tool. Where do you get it?

see link above in my other post

Thorne here sell them. I might get one at this years national honey show

Stainless is a wonderful material for a smoker or an extractor…

Why do you guys prefer the smaller hive tool? Wouldn’t a longer one give you better leverage and reach to shave off burr comb?

It feels more like a precision tool. Isn’t as clumsy or heavy as a normal tool, and has a very sharp blade. It fits nicely in my hand and doesn’t hang over the edge of my pockets. It has plenty of leverage for frames. I just love it. :blush:


I love mine for the same reasons as @Dawn_SD. I have a long one with my gear in case I need it, mainly for scraping wax off QEs because using the little one for that puts holes in the palm of my glove.

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