Pollen alternative

I’m finding my hives short on pollen. I don’t recall lack of pollen ever being an issue in the few years I’ve been keeping bees around here.

Is it worth buying expensive bee that may go rancid if they don’t consume the whole pack?

Maybe someone can recommend a homemade alternative?


You can buy dry powder pollen substitutes which have a long shelf life. Or you can store patties in the freezer - they keep for years that way :wink:

Hi this is a recipe for homemade pollen substitute I came across some time ago and kept it just in case I needed to make some. I never used it though and I don’t think that any substitute is as good as the actual thing they collect from flowers.

Are you sure you are short on pollen? Are you shaking the bees off the frames because sometimes it’s hidden under the bees. One quick way to find out whether they are finding pollen is to check at the entrance and see how many foragers are returning with full pollen sacks.

Want to add that the cost of ingredients to make a quality pollen substitute may not be much cheaper than store bought and superior food like Feedbee.

Thanks both.

Smoke, I never really got the hang of shaking off the bees so I just gently use the smoker. I also just had a look at the entrances and I can see them bringing in white and orange pollen so maybe I’ll hold on for now.

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Definitely give it some more practice when done correctly a quick shake downwards of the frame can clear up lots of space to get a good look at the brood and stores.

Observational beekeeping will help watching the entrance at peak times on a sunny day. You can then get a visual of just how much pollen the bees are bringing in if you haven’t been able to locate it in a recent inspection.