Pollen traps... are they a go on the Flow?

Hey forum folk,

I’m curious to know if any of you collect pollen using pollen traps, and whether these were able to be attached to your Flow Hives?

If so, was any modification required?

How did they go?

We’d love to hear from you on this topic!


I have a pollen trap which I haven’t used for about 20 years. Anyway with this one, all you do is replace the bottom board with it, which would work with a flow hive. I got a fair bit of pollen with it. You also get a few legs & wings. You need to close it off during wet weather because the pollen gets damp & goes mildewy.

I used to think that while a colony was above a pollen trap, I wouldn’t have to worry about that colony swarming. How wrong was I, the colony still swarmed. Therefore enough pollen still got through the mesh for the colony to build up to swarming strength.

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Thanks for the info Jeff, that’s very helpful to know :slight_smile:
I’m not intending on using one myself, but had a customer ask about it and got curious…


I don’t use them myself, but I think that @Gerald_Nickel has used them on a Flow Classic. I haven’t seen him on the forum for ages, and I know that both he and his wife were very sick, so he may not be able to answer in person. However, from what I remember, they worked pretty well for him. :blush:

If they are compatible with a standard Langstroth bottom board, I don’t see why they could not be used with a Flow hive. :wink:


Thanks Dawn, I’m very sorry to hear about.Gerald and his wife but thank you for the info - and yes I tend to agree with your thoughts on this.

Jerry posted quite a bit about the pollen trap on the forum (with photos), so you may be able to search for some posts that give you more insight. :wink:

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Thanks Dawn I’ll do that :slight_smile:

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Dawn, are you still on this site. Had some heart :heart: issues n lost my contacts n passwords. Hope all is well on your end. Just succeeded in my first flow harvest after 6 years trying … it was awesome to see the flow out those tubes.



I am still around, Jerry! Love you and Vera, you guys are great. I think of you often. Stay safe, my friend!