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Pollination service big advantage


Hai Everybody. I’m a newbie . But I’m get a contract with starfruit farm ( carambola). I’m get nectar and pollen almost every month because starfruit season every year… The honey was clear and tasty. Hope anyone can teach me how to advance my step. Thank you from your friend from MALAYSIA


Sounds like a great honey. Are you’re hives there permanently or do you move them?


The farmer just provide me safety and place to put the beehives. No payment… Just if the farmer spoil the agreement I move my beehives. Hahah… Its mutual benefits agreement. But I don’t know how to breeding quen… Poor me


As long as your bees have enough to feed on, you should be fine. The problem with many orchards is the lack of alternative food sources. What will your bees feed on when the starfruit has finished flowering? You may need to consider alternative locations.


The farm large. It divides into two. One side bloom, one side time to picked the fruit. But hard to get the schedule of pesticides.


Yes knowing when or if they spray can be very important if you have hives near a farm. You could loose all of your bees very quickly if they are using something dangerous to bees. Hopefully the farmer will see the benefits of the improved pollination.