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Pomegranate flowers


I have access to a pomegranate orchard with 1500 plants.
Does anyone know if the honey is anything special from the flowers?

Have looked online but it all involves adding the juice to honey.


I think I’d love to have pure honey from a pom orchard. Sounds great! I’d certainly give it a whirl, especially 1500 pom plants, sure to get pure pom honey!


Just in doing a quick google search I found as much evidence stating that they have little pollen and nectar to other reports that they are good for pollen and nectar. So perhaps it is dependent on the variety of pomegranates. Some may be good some may be bad. There is very little that I could find so this doesn’t seem to be very well documented.


I grew up in Tucson and pomegrantes were planted mainly as yard ornament shrubs. I do recall small flowers on them but the fruit wa always bigger than a softball and sweet to eat. I never heard of paying for a pomegranate till I moved from AZ. And then what we get to pay for here are small as golfballs. I never buy them. It just seemed to me that if there is fruit, there should be nectar, guess I got to google too.

Thought I add this link. http://ucanr.edu/sites/Pomegranates/files/166141.pdf


Will be sure to give it a whirl when the flowers are out.
Pomegranates here i Oz are running at $5-$7 each so could be a good thing for him. Hope it works out.